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At BravoSolution we work closely with both industry analysts and our own in house procurement experts to provide industry insights and reports. You can download our latest reports here.

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10 Steps to Unlock the Power of Procurement

Mickey North Rizza, Vice President, BravoSolution

"Procurement must move to unlocked procurement or risk obsolescence". Learn the ten critical steps required to move beyond conventional procurement to the next generation of "unlocked procurement" in order to reap significant value from your procurement processes and supply base.

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Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing to Unlock Breakthrough Value

Spend Matters, BravoSolution

This isn't just any old research paper. This is an entire ebook chock full of value-unlocking category secrets. In a world where procurement organizations are continuously tasked to do more with less, we'll take you way beyond the 2x2 matrix and to a place where cross-functional, multidimensional category management goes way beyond cost savings. And we'll tell you how technology fits every step of the way, with case studies and real-life examples. It's time to supercharge your category management.

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Five Transformative Strategies to Unlock More Procurement Value

Ardent Partners, BravoSolution

The current generation of procurement professionals has witnessed first-hand a period of unrivaled advances for their profession as market forces and new technologies combined to pull procurement to the center of business operations and business results. While the foundation of procurement's future will be built upon the past, the strategies and approaches that drive new successes will be markedly different. This report looks at the transformative strategies that will unlock procurement's next wave of value.

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Procurement of the Future: The Life of a CPO in 2015

Mickey North Rizza, Vice President, BravoSolution

The future continues to look bright for procurement professionals.  As technology evolves, procurement teams will be able to better prove their organizational value and make a major impact on the company’s bottom line, ultimately earning these procurement leaders a seat at the executive table.

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2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites


Gartner have now published their latest Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites.

The Magic Quadrant is arguably one of the most sought after reports produced by Gartner and is relied upon by business executives and technology leaders alike, to help with the selection of the best technology for their business needs.

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Top 10 Trends for Supply Management Value Generation in 2015

Michael Lamoureux, Editor, Sourcing Innovation

One year ago, noting that the average company is sitting on a goldmine of untapped savings opportunities, we presented the top 10 technologies an organization can employ to identify its top savings opportunities.  Collectively, these papers provide a Supply Management organization a great start to its cost reduction efforts, but cost reduction isn't cost avoidance, and the best way to save money is to avoid spending it in the first place.  So, in this paper, we are going to cover the top ten trends for Supply Management organizations in 2015 to help leading Supply Management organizations get ahead of the curve and get cost savings and value generation opportunities right the first time.

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Supplier Development to Gain a Competitive Edge

Sherry Gordon, President, Value Chain Group LLC

A good supplier qualification and selection process can help reduce performance and financial risk, but can’t guarantee that supplier performance problems that impact customers won’t occur. Companies need to monitor supplier performance and other risk factors to try to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises. The good performers of today can become the problem children of tomorrow. In a volatile operating environment, there are no guarantees of continued supplier performance and stability.

Sometimes companies can’t find the right supplier to meet their needs. The ideal supplier may not exist. But many firms may have high-potential suppliers currently under contract. Supplier development can help by transforming good suppliers into better ones. Often, good suppliers are made, not born.

This white paper describes approaches and best practices for improving the capabilities of current suppliers, gaining competitive advantage and achieving sustainable gains.

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Five Steps to Improve Communication with Suppliers and Stakeholders

Jessica Sanchez, Global Risk Strategy Manager at CR Bard

Procurement teams are under more stress than ever before.  Budgets and employees are stretched to their limits, forcing everyone to move quickly and be laser-focused on their daily to-do lists. Unfortunately, this tunnel vision often causes procurement and sourcing teams to miss the warning signs of major problems with suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

The result: unexpected chaos and stress within procurement, broader business impacts and stakeholder dissatisfaction. Everyone is moving so quickly that they tend to forget one of the core tenants of business: communication.

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The 9 Habits of Highly-Effective Procurement Organizations

Mickey North Rizza, BravoSolution

There’s a well-kept secret fueling the profitability and growth of the world’s most successful companies, and it exists within your company, too. It’s the Procurement team. However, the Procurement teams at companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Intel and Nestle do not resemble a typical Procurement department. So what sets them apart from their peers? They deliver hard-hitting financial performance that improves operating margins, returns, and earnings-per-share every quarter.

Here are nine habits of the best Procurement teams in the world.

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Enabling Good Supplier Performance

Sherry R. Gordon, President, Value Chain Group LLC

You routinely review your suppliers’ performance, but how often do you self-evaluate your own behavior? For years, the focus has been on the supply-side of the customer-supplier relationship, but the truth is that half of all supplier performance problems lie with the customer.

As much as suppliers need to follow-through with their contract terms, it’s important for you to have processes and policies in place that enable suppliers to perform well and meet your expectations. This white paper addresses what you may be doing to undermine supplier performance and what you can do to help enable, rather than impede good supplier performance.

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4 Ways to Improve Retail Supply Chain Performance through Cost Savings

Chris Horacek, Vice President, BravoSolution

Brick-and-mortar retailers are fighting an uphill battle.  Thankfully, there is some good news: some of the most successful retailers have cracked the code to improve savings, operations and the bottom line. So what do they have in common? These retailers:

  1. Purchase smarter: to improve efficiency and cross-category/department savings
  2. Prioritize transportation sourcing - one of the toughest categories to conquer
  3. Keep stores running without breaking the bank
  4. Rethink capital spending to reinvest back in the business

This latest white paper will discuss these strategies further and explain how the most successful retailers have cracked the code.

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Creating Effective Supplier Scorecards

Sherry R. Gordon, President, Value Chain Group LLC

Supplier scorecards are considered a basic tool in the supply management toolkit. When developed as a part of an integrated supplier performance management process, they can be highly effective. Yet, scorecards present a challenge to many organizations and don’t always deliver on their potential. Often, supplier scorecards may be something managers like to check off on a checklist (yep, we’ve got supplier scorecards) than a useful, dynamic tool.

The use of scorecards has exploded in the past 10 years. They have gone from being an aspiration to a reality. However, for many firms, the reality of supplier scorecards hasn’t matched the promise. This white paper describes how to build a better, more effective supplier scorecard and scorecard process.

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    How to Cement Your Organizational Value

    You know what your procurement challenges are and what you need to do for your procurement to make the biggest business impact.

    However, there’s a tremendous challenge standing in your way – and it lives within the business.

    Without buy-in from every department, the savings, profits and innovation that procurement delivers will fall flat. So how do you get everyone in procurement’s corner?

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    MRO Sourcing Strategy Content Pack

    Don Raack, Director, BravoSolution

    Jason Busch, Executive Editor, Spend Matters

    We know MRO can be a major headache. But with so much money on the table, the opportunity to drive higher savings and truly impact the business is monumental.

    For manufacturing companies, or any business that operates a number of plant facilities, the efficient procurement of parts, services and equipment needed to keep operations running can pose quite a challenge. This category is commonly referred to as MRO - Maintenance, Repair and Operations

    In the following content pack we have included information to help empower you to take control of the MRO category within your organization.

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    Bridging the Gap between Procurement and Finance

    Mickey North Rizza, BravoSolution

    Bridging the gap between procurement and finance is the easiest, most effective way of driving organizational growth. In fact, organizations that are aligned demonstrate considerably greater profitability, margins and return on invested capital that their peers. Improving organizational alignment is not something that can be done overnight, though.

    This article will show you how to improve procurement’s relationships and alignment across the entire organization, and start impacting the business in new and greater ways.

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    Changing Roles of the Procurement Leader: The Analytical CPO

    Peter Smith, Chiel Research Officer, Spend Matters UK

    The business world constantly changes, so procurement leaders have to change with it. Whilst there has rightly been much focus in recent years on the need for procurement professionals to develop strong inter-personal skills, there is another trend that is driving somewhat different needs. To succeed now, the procurement leader must also be increasingly analytical and data-driven, making decisions and setting direction based on evidence and analysis, not just personal judgement. That doesn’t mean there is no place for sound judgement, or capabilities such as negotiation, but in this paper we will explain why tomorrow’s procurement leader will also need to have impressive analytical skills.

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    Using Lean to Improve Procurement and Supply Management Performance

    Sherry Gordon, President, Value Chain Group LLC

    Lean is an effective business performance improvement methodology that has been and continues to be adopted in many companies.  This white paper takes the core concepts of Lean: Value, Value Stream, Pull, Flow and Perfection as well as the eight Lean Wastes and applies them specifically to Procurement and Supply Management. It describes how Lean thinking, tools and methodology can be applied to improve Procurement and Supply Management performance and improve overall company performance and profitability.

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    Pitfalls of Implementation

    Bill King

    You’ve made the decision. You’ve committed the resources. You’ve even committed to a delivery timeline. Now what? It’s time to get busy, and by busy, I mean you should have started three months ago. However, there are certain roadblocks just waiting to knock you off course as you start your journey to implement a new eSourcing platform. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    In this article, you will be provided with the 5 most common pitfalls of an eSourcing platform implementation. Pitfalls such as change, delays and over engineering are a few hurdles you will most likely be faced with and will need to be addressed as soon as possible. You will learn from first-hand experience of how not to do them as well as how successful implementations are achieved. You will be provided with simple tips and guidelines to follow to ensure a successful implementation.

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    Solution Spotlight: A Solution for the Consolidation and Analysis of Spend Data

    Don Raack, BravoSolution

    A Spend Analysis tool has the capability to help companies increase visibility into spend and unlock savings opportunities. However without a clear implementation plan and spend analysis process even the best tools can miss data and potential savings.

    In this report, Spend Analysis expert Don Raack will cover:An introduction into Spend Analytics

    • Best practices to develop an effective Spend Analysis process
    • Solutions to common roadblocks
    • Success stories

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    Five Reasons Why Projects Fail (and how to prevent them)

    John Shaw, BravoSolution

    Chief procurement officers have been attempting to shift procurement from a tactical, execution-based function to a strategic business driver for years.

    Easier said than done.

    For most procurement teams, the mandate is more than a shift,
    it’s a transformation. And the path to success is littered with roadblocks.

    Yet with so much riding on the procurement team, taking the easy way out is not an option. Procurement needs to be the driving force for savings, profitability, and efficiency. Holding on to outdated practices and processes will no longer cut it in today’s marketplace.

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    Category Sourcing Toolkit: Research Report, Scorecard Tool, Webinar

    Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

    The Category Sourcing Toolkit is a pack of information designed to help procurement organizations to develop their sourcing pipeline and increase savings. The toolkit was developed by the globally recognized sourcing expert Andrew Bartolini and it contains:

    • Andrew Bartolini’s research report: Keeping Score: Procurement Performance and Strategies for Success. This independent research report presents a series of recommended strategies and approaches for CPOs and procurement departments to improve their operations and their results.
    • The Catergory Sourcing Scorecard. This interactive tool will help sourcing and procurement organizations to Identify low hanging fruit or easily sourced categories, define which categories will yield the most favorable results, understand the timing and organizational impact from those categories and develop a sourcing pipeline that identifies categories and contracts to be sourced
    • The Category Sourcing Webinar: In this webinar Andrew Bartolini will walk participants through the Category Sourcing Scorecard’s design and demonstrate how to use the tool.

    Access Toolkit>>


    Category Sourcing Scorecard - Interactive Tool

    Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

    This interactive tool will help sourcing and procurement organizations to :

    • Identify low hanging fruit or easily sourced categories
    • Define Which categories will yield the most favorable results
    • Understand the timing and organizational impact from those categories
    • Develop a sourcing pipeline that identifies categories and contracts to be sourced.

    Download Report>>

    Moving Procurement to a Vital,Relevant and Valuable Function

    Mickey North Rizza, Vice President, BravoSolution US

    Is Procurement relevant and vital to your business?

    Does Procurement contribute value beyond merely placing purchase orders and expediting purchases?

    Does Procurement support top-line and bottom-line strategies and deliver significant results to impact your business?

    In this paper, Mickey North Rizza will explore these questions and discuss strategies to ensure that procurement is seen as a relevant and vital function throughout your organization.

    Download Report>>

    To Bid or Bust

    Bill King, Account Director, BravoSolution US

    “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak.” – Jay Leno

    To do eSourcing efficiently requires a different way of looking at things. Most people think that long and detailed equals thorough and comprehensive. However, for best practice eSourcing, that way of thinking is no longer true. Sure, there are some categories that require some length and detail but still, it doesn’t mean that the RFP has to be as thick as a LA phonebook.

    Download Report>>

    Is Supplier Diversity a Shell Game?

    Greg Thomas, Vice President, BravoSolution US

    Leverage diversity programs to maximize business growth and procurement performance.

    Procurement is like a game of ‘Would you rather…?’ Would you rather deal with shorter lead times or higher costs? Would you rather give a little on product quality or pay the higher price?

    The same theme holds true for supplier diversity: Would you rather work with a new, unknown supplier or the safe bet? In some cases, the diverse supplier is the best option; companies just need to do their homework to realize when.

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    Becoming a Chief Procurement Officer

    Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer , Ardent Partners

    It is an interesting time to be working in procurement; perhaps, more interesting than in any other era.  This is true across all industries and regions of the world. Business and product cycles continue to collapse placing greater pressure on all companies to make better decisions faster.  For many, the speed of change within business is magnified by the volatility found in their supply markets. Globalization and innovation have allowed companies to develop new products, enter new markets, and increase sales, but they have also made things increasingly complex for procurement leaders around the globe.  Leading Chief Procurement Officers are not sitting on the sidelines.  They are in the middle of the action and they are, to be certain, making an impact.  This report looks at the key qualifications, experience and the characteristics needed to ascend to the role of Chief Procurement Officer.

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    Beyond Cost Savings: Procurement’s Role in Driving Increased Company Valuation

    Rick Long, Vice President, BravoSolution  US

    At a time when many companies are facing tough economic trials and the harsh reality that growing sales is becoming more challenging than ever before, many CEOs are realizing that CPOs and their procurement department can play a vital role in delivering exceptional bottom line results.

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    Taking the First Step on Your Next Level Supply Management Journey

    Michael Lamoureux, Editor, Sourcing Innovation

    VFS. Hi-Def Sourcing. Next Level Supply Management. Next Practices. Value Chain Creation. The acronyms and acclamations are flying fast and furious. Even world class Supply Management organizations have to do something more to maintain their year-over-year contributions to the bottom line with the perfect Procurement storm of high demand, low supply, and high market volatility brewing off of the coast. But where does an average Supply Management organization begin?

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    Closed-Loop Spend Analysis: Catalyst for Transformation

    Jim Wetekamp, BravoSolution

    Many organizations execute spend analysis in one form or another as a way of ensuring their organization is competitive in terms of price, volume and other terms. For many organizations, there are largely untapped benefits to more expanded use of powerful spend analysis processes and toolsets. In this white paper Jim Wetekamp will discuss a more holistic approach to spend analysis that can help organizations go well beyond the “low-hanging fruit.”

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    Top 10 Technologies for Supply Management Savings Today

    Michael Lamoureux, Editor, Sourcing Innovation

    The average company is sitting on a goldmine of untapped savings opportunities that it fails to realize because it doesn’t even know about the gold-bearing vein running through it’s enterprise data. With the right systems in place, the average company can tap cost reduction and savings opportunities that could collectively add up to 30%, or more, of spend across major direct and indirect categories. This white-paper will introduce these technologies and some of the savings opportunities they enable.

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    Market Informed Sourcing

    Peter Smith, Managing Editor, Spend Matters UK & Europe

    Procurement expert, Peter Smith, discusses how advanced sourcing tools can release significant benefits, but only if procurement reconsiders and adapts fundamental ‘category management’ thinking processes

    Download Report>>

    eSourcing Adoption Measurement

    John Shaw, Senior Director, Adoption Services, BravoSolution US

    You are a seasoned leader in the rapidly maturing field of strategic sourcing and your leadership team continually challenges you to maximize the value of your team to the organization. You are, of course, resource constrained. Before you lay an open field of opportunities, yet you hold in your hands a limited amount of time, money and people.

    And so the work begins! You prioritize the opportunities, build a budget and set about bringing the right mix of people, process and tools forward. As a part of this planning, you invest in giving your people the right set of tools and processes for the job. In the field of Strategic Sourcing, this usually means the implementation of solutions to support activities like spend analysis, sourcing execution and contract implementation.

    Download Report>>

    Knowledge Economy: Is Your Supply Chain Ready?

    Michael Lamoureux, Editor, Sourcing Innovation

    Today’s economy is a knowledge (driven) economy, “one in which the generation and the exploitation of knowledge has come to play the predominant part in the creation of wealth. It is not simply about pushing back the frontiers of knowledge; it is also about the more effective use and exploitation of all types of knowledge in all manner of economic activity.” Very little has changed since the Department of Trade and Industry of Great Britain penned these words in 1998.

    In today’s fast-paced knowledge economy, only the strong survive, where the strong are those organizations with modern processes and technology and the wherewithal to use them. The question is, does your organization belong to this group?

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